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Ha Ha made it in time

Posted: February 21, 2012 in funny
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See I learn this time I didn’t wait till last second to blog I did it about a hour before the dead line like a true college student under the wire that is the way it is done, I believe that should be a moto for some collage somewhere.  You know what if I ever start a collage that is what are moto will be. Besides that I guess I should talk about something import like I don’t know……. A job? That is what I need a good one to one that make me the big bucks. The only problem with that is the girlfriend will want a ring if I get a good job lol. But she will give me a hard time about that no matter what so oh well. I have tried to make her a deal if I get her a ring she gets me a new truck lol. But no deal yet but I keep hoping lol. Though if I get if I ever get that good job maybe I can get both of what we want lol………………… after reading this she told me “I am probably going to get the ring before the good job” and yea she is probably right lol


Crap I missed it

Posted: February 15, 2012 in funny, time
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Well I was suppose to post something yesterday and well….. I forgot. My bad oh well I guess this will count right? Or get half create at least. I have been busy with work, school, and Valentines. I know Valentines shouldnt be a reason but the way I see it the teacher gets on to me the few hours in class the girlfriend gets on to me for a few days and makes me sleep on the couch. So girlfriend wins sorry teach.