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Oh Hayley

Posted: March 5, 2012 in funny
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This post is about my roommate/ best friend named Hayley.  This is a girl I have known for years.  We first met on the short bus, no joke!!! We both have handicap siblings and we rode on the short bus with them home and that is we first met each other but didn’t really become good friends till my sophomore year and her freshman year of high school.  We both were big in FFA (Future Farmers of America) and that is where we became very good friends through working as officers in are local chapter, traveling to conventions, and compete in contests together and against.

To give you a little information about this lady she is the kind of woman that carries a knife in her boot.  This is also the girl, who once shot her shotgun that we call the mule, so much preparing for a trap shooting contest that she had a bruise on her right shoulder so bad that she had to shoot the whole contest left handed and yet still gave everybody a run for their money and the year before that she caught her thumb in the slide of the shotgun and yet still was one of the top female shooters and beat most of the guys. This is the girl who I had this text conversations;

Hayley:  so.. uh.. I jumped out of the truck and twisted my knee… not rightfully sure if I have broken the dang thing or not .. so my important question is do they cut your boot off? Cause I really like these boots.. lol

Me: What?  Is this a joke?  Uh sometimes they do. What happened?

Hayley:  Dude..  I just sat down on the ground and pushed my knee BACK where it was… it doesn’t hurt… but there’s swelling and bruising going on.. idk maybe I should stop fishing and go to the house… I’m for real chase. Not a joke

This really happened she never went to the doctor and she still has problems with her knee and every time she bends her knee in makes a crunching sound it’s the same sound if you step on a squirrel’s head.

Stay tuned to here more stories about Hayley