Please just give me my degree

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I only lack about 2 mouths till I have my degree and I just wish I didn’t have to miss with it I am really tired of school. I know what you are thinking “it’s only 2 mouths suck it up you sissy.”  All I got to say to that is I am trying but it is just annoying.  Being so close you just want to slack but I know I shouldn’t.

The big problem is I am taking 18 hours and working almost 40 hours and have a girlfriend and friends I want to spend time with.  So I wish they would just give me my degree so I wouldn’t have to miss with it any more.

That way I could do all the thing I have been wanting to do like work out so I can lose my marred wait, the sad part about is I am not even marred that’s just what my girlfriend calls it. I also haven went rock climbing in so long that it really bugs me I want to start that again because I love it so much.

If I had my degree I could get that big money making job hopefully then a nice house and a dog. Then get that nice truck I am wanting that the girlfriend would probably still to drive around. The only bad thing about getting my degree I wouldn’t probably turn around to get my masters so I still wouldn’t be done that is the only flaw.


Top ten on blogging

Posted: March 20, 2012 in random

We had a lady come to are class the other day to talk about blogging; she has been blogging for year’s way long than me, and I broke it all down to this top ten list.

 1.       Make it look good and I mean damn good- just like in a job interview or first date you want to look good and right for the situation. Meaning if it is a blog is about the great outdoors you won’t want a city back ground.  

2.       Gone in 7 seconds – you only have about 7 seconds to impress someone they say the same goes with your blog. Have something that catches there attention and makes them want to read on.

3.       Call me, beep me, however you want to reach me – leave some way to get a hold of you that way they can ask questions

4.       Why in the world – let be clear why in the world you are doing the blog and why they should care.

5.       Use it all- use all the free space you shouldn’t have to much clear space because that is just a waist

6.       Who are you?- let them know who you are don’t let yourself be a mystery unless that’s what you are going for

7.       Who are they? – You are you try to reach? That needs be clear

8.       A great line and no not one like “I was so enchanted by your beauty that I ran into that wall over there. So I am going to need your name and number for insurance purposes”- by line mean more like a catch phrase something that goes with your blog

9.       This is not finding waldo- don’t make it hard to find things that’s just stupid

10.   Clean cut and sexy- just make it nice and clean so it will look really good

good luck blogging

I want a dog

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So I live in apartment that doesn’t allow pet and that really bugs me I grew up with having all kinds of pets everything from deer, opossums, mice, and a raccoon once. I love having a pet it’s just something about playing with them and taking care of one that just makes your life better and no other pet quite does the trick of making you feel good about yourself like a dog.

                Really I do have a dog back home that lives down home with my parents her name is cap. Its short for cappuccino she is a chocolate lab. She is really smart fun to play with gets alone with every one wouldn’t hurt a fly now a squirrel is a different matter she hates those things. Now I have two problems even if I move to a place that allows dogs I am unable to ring her up here because of my sister.  My sister is handicap and loves cap and I have never in my life seen a dog act so nice to my sister. See my sister can sometimes be a little mean to pets. So most dogs ovoid her but cap will stay right next to her no matter what she will even sleep in her room with her. And it is not in me to take that away from my sister and my dad told me he wouldn’t let me either and I don’t blame him. The second problem is that my girlfriend doesn’t like big dogs which are understandable but the problem is the dog she like to me are really that great to me. she loves the smaller ones now I understand why most people like them but I believe that the bigger ones are so much smarter and learn so much quicker.

Oh Hayley

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This post is about my roommate/ best friend named Hayley.  This is a girl I have known for years.  We first met on the short bus, no joke!!! We both have handicap siblings and we rode on the short bus with them home and that is we first met each other but didn’t really become good friends till my sophomore year and her freshman year of high school.  We both were big in FFA (Future Farmers of America) and that is where we became very good friends through working as officers in are local chapter, traveling to conventions, and compete in contests together and against.

To give you a little information about this lady she is the kind of woman that carries a knife in her boot.  This is also the girl, who once shot her shotgun that we call the mule, so much preparing for a trap shooting contest that she had a bruise on her right shoulder so bad that she had to shoot the whole contest left handed and yet still gave everybody a run for their money and the year before that she caught her thumb in the slide of the shotgun and yet still was one of the top female shooters and beat most of the guys. This is the girl who I had this text conversations;

Hayley:  so.. uh.. I jumped out of the truck and twisted my knee… not rightfully sure if I have broken the dang thing or not .. so my important question is do they cut your boot off? Cause I really like these boots.. lol

Me: What?  Is this a joke?  Uh sometimes they do. What happened?

Hayley:  Dude..  I just sat down on the ground and pushed my knee BACK where it was… it doesn’t hurt… but there’s swelling and bruising going on.. idk maybe I should stop fishing and go to the house… I’m for real chase. Not a joke

This really happened she never went to the doctor and she still has problems with her knee and every time she bends her knee in makes a crunching sound it’s the same sound if you step on a squirrel’s head.

Stay tuned to here more stories about Hayley

House and job hunting

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Oh the joys of it.  Spend all your time trying to find the perfect one for you.   One that matches your personality and the way you act and live.  It can’t be too far away or too cheap.  You look at one after another spotting flaws right away on some others you don’t figure it out until after closer inspection.

I look all the time!!!  It seems like every time I get a little time to kill, I get on the internet hop on either a job web site or a home site and start flipping through places.  The whole time saying things to myself like not the job for me, cost too much, don’t pay enough, that one is in the ghetto, why is it asking for my banking information, and no the holes in the wall are not considered an abstract style of decorating.

For housing everyone says it is time to buy but I don’t have the money to do that.  Renting it seems like they want to charge way too much just because it is near a school or hospital. Yet those same houses look like they falling apart.

Job wise it seems good if you are willing to move but I want to stay here if I can.  Agriculture is my specialty; I grew up on a farm and went to school to become an Agriculture teacher so for the past for years I have had every form of agriculture driven into my head so I can tell you almost anything you want to know about it. So I am trying to find a job that will use that but pay me better than what a teacher gets paid. Shoot working all the time and making a lot less yet important part of society but oh well that is all for another  time.

Ha Ha made it in time

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See I learn this time I didn’t wait till last second to blog I did it about a hour before the dead line like a true college student under the wire that is the way it is done, I believe that should be a moto for some collage somewhere.  You know what if I ever start a collage that is what are moto will be. Besides that I guess I should talk about something import like I don’t know……. A job? That is what I need a good one to one that make me the big bucks. The only problem with that is the girlfriend will want a ring if I get a good job lol. But she will give me a hard time about that no matter what so oh well. I have tried to make her a deal if I get her a ring she gets me a new truck lol. But no deal yet but I keep hoping lol. Though if I get if I ever get that good job maybe I can get both of what we want lol………………… after reading this she told me “I am probably going to get the ring before the good job” and yea she is probably right lol

Crap I missed it

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Well I was suppose to post something yesterday and well….. I forgot. My bad oh well I guess this will count right? Or get half create at least. I have been busy with work, school, and Valentines. I know Valentines shouldnt be a reason but the way I see it the teacher gets on to me the few hours in class the girlfriend gets on to me for a few days and makes me sleep on the couch. So girlfriend wins sorry teach.