Oh Hayley part 3

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here is some more of me and Hayley on facebook

Me – i am so glad i went with Heather and Hayley to run because if it was just me and Hayley she would of ran my but into the ground but she is nice to heather lol

Hayely- You need to run more… A lot more….

Me- or you could just run less that would be a lot easier for the both of us

Next is a thing she left on my door to my room

Me- We should of put it on are front door and wrote welcome we like automatic weapons but hate zombies…… Or does that sound racist?

Are friend Jordan- he turns into a nazi?

Hayley- He gets riddled with holes like the nazi zombies face….

Jordan- aww i seen now

A post from her

Hayley- This is an intervention Chase…. If I walk out of my door again, and the only thing you have covering yourself is your computer in front of you… you know, I am colling the police. hahahahahaahaha I seriously thought you were naked

Me- nope i had shorts on your not getting to be that lucky this Valentines day lol

Hayely- EWWWWWWW! Truthfully my eyeballs hurt just because I saw you without a shirt and thought you were naked…. I would gouge them out with rusty butter knives if I really did see something

Me- well maybe next time you will lol

Jordan-  hey hayley dont be a hater that big guy in the jail the other day said they was nice.

Another post from her about helping my brother

Hayley- chase and I decided that we were going to try and help Garrett get his keys out of his locked truck….. We get outside in the snow, and of course, we became children again. Lifes too short not to have an all out snow war. Sorry Garrett… we gave up after a few minutes.. lol


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