Oh Hayley part 2

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

These are just a few things me and Hayley have said to each other on facebook.

Chase- I asked Hayley what she is doing while she was poring some brown power in a little bowl she said “i am making a cake” this is at 10 at night but i guess that is what you need after seeing a fat man running in front of you at the stop light covering nothing but his nipples on your way home

Hayley- it was hotttt! i think he crapped himself when he ran in gront of my truck, i shove it in neutral and revved the engine… poor fat guy… his nipples must have been really cold!

Chase- he may want some cake too

Hayley- he would have had to remove his hands from his man boobs to accept the cake. true story

Chase-oh and good luck on your test tomorrow but while you sleep naked fat men will run around in your dreams

Hayley- Only if there’s cake!

Chase- and it better be chocolate!!!!!!

Hayley- but the guy was white. hahahahahhaha

Chase- well no matter his skin color his way proud of what god gave him ha ha ha

Hayley- it really reminded me of a hippo… hahahahahahah!!!

Chase- did you know that they kill more people in Africa than crocodiles

Hayley- What?? Fat people??

Chase- yep they eat every thing

Chase- even babies

Chase- its the other other wight meat

Chase- white

My ant becky- Chase you now have her so distracted the cake is not going to get done!!!

Chase- She already ate it lol

Hayley- I cheat. But I shared it with him. LOL

Chase-  Who me or the naked fat man?

Hayley- With You!

Chase- Lol

I hoped you enjoyed this conversation and pleases stay stunned for more.


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