Posted: April 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

TV is a great but horrible thing. It is the thing people go to relax and kill time a way to escape but for me it always stops me from getting work done.  I try and try but if there is a TV in the room I can’t ever get work done it really bugs me but for some reason I never want to leave it’s kind of weird at times I wish I didn’t even have one. Then when I have nothing to do I am so glad because I can set back and relax. Actually one of my girlfriends and mine too favorite things to do is set down and watch TV together. We both work a lot and are full time students so whenever we get time to spend together and so TV is an easy and available way to spend time and relax all at the same time.  I know this is a weird subject to talk about but I am typing this in front of the TV and had to type a blog for my class so why no talk about the thing that is distracting me  maybe that will help——- nope doesn’t help one bit I still want to watch instead of type. Then again typing has never been my cup of tea.


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