Comic books

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ok so I am a nerd if you didn’t know and all ready know it’s weird because I am really country and nerdy. I guess you could call me a country nerd. But any way I love comic books and mangas (which are Japanese comic books) they are something I got into my freshmen year of college.  See I am a person who hates reading books but for some reason I can read a comic book or a manga all day.  I think it is because the way I read books see like what a lot of people say when I read it’s like watching a movie in my head but my movie has commercials.

See when I read a line like say;

Jim pulled up in his car.

I start thinking I wonder what kind of car it is, I figure it’s a mustang, then about an hour later but penguins only live in the South Pole. Oh yea I was reading.

Jim pulled up in his car.

Who in the world is Jim? And then the process starts all over again

See that doesn’t happen with comic books and mangas I guess it’s because in them instead of having the image in your head you get to see it right in front of you so the problem of getting lost in your head doesn’t happen.

So if you have this same problem I strongly encourage you try this.  Probably start with comic books not manga.  Though I really prefer manga myself it’s just that they are really different (like for one thing you read those back words) and if you don’t understand Japanese culture you will be pretty lost.  But I love them once you get use to them they are really fun and different so try them after the comic books and enjoy.


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