I want a dog

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I live in apartment that doesn’t allow pet and that really bugs me I grew up with having all kinds of pets everything from deer, opossums, mice, and a raccoon once. I love having a pet it’s just something about playing with them and taking care of one that just makes your life better and no other pet quite does the trick of making you feel good about yourself like a dog.

                Really I do have a dog back home that lives down home with my parents her name is cap. Its short for cappuccino she is a chocolate lab. She is really smart fun to play with gets alone with every one wouldn’t hurt a fly now a squirrel is a different matter she hates those things. Now I have two problems even if I move to a place that allows dogs I am unable to ring her up here because of my sister.  My sister is handicap and loves cap and I have never in my life seen a dog act so nice to my sister. See my sister can sometimes be a little mean to pets. So most dogs ovoid her but cap will stay right next to her no matter what she will even sleep in her room with her. And it is not in me to take that away from my sister and my dad told me he wouldn’t let me either and I don’t blame him. The second problem is that my girlfriend doesn’t like big dogs which are understandable but the problem is the dog she like to me are really that great to me. she loves the smaller ones now I understand why most people like them but I believe that the bigger ones are so much smarter and learn so much quicker.


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